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  1. Juice

    O.C. father and son sold meth on dark web, prosecutors say

    Photos show bags of methamphetamine seized from William Thomas Glarner III of Huntington Beach, according to the U.S. attorney’s office. (KTLA) An Orange County father and son who worked together to sell methamphetamine on a marketplace of the dark web are facing lengthy prison terms, federal...
  2. Juice

    Drug deal with bitcoin on dark web busted in China

    Hangzhou customs has busted a crossborder drug deal featuring the payment with bitcoin on the dark web, a new type of drug trafficking in China. In December 2018, a local customs officer found an envelope sent from abroad with suspicious white powder inside, which was later identified as...
  3. Juice

    Total new about juice

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    Total new about juice

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    First Cycle - Everything you need to know

    Here is what I think is a good starter cycle for just about anyone. Please feel free to add to this or comment as you wish. This is an open forum for educated members so I'd like your feedback. These are my own words, not taken from anywhere, so feel free to comment away. *Note - If this is...
  6. Juice

    If your a complete newbie read here first!

    Here are some acronyms you will see often in the forum threads. If you are new to these types of forums this list may help. AAS = Anabolic Androgen Steroids AS = Anabolic Steroids BA = Benzyl Alcohol BB = Benzyl Benzoate Bro: You and me Drol, A-bombs, A-50: Anadrol 50 ED: Every Day EOD: Every...
  7. Juice

    Platinum Direct Your Generic HGH Source 2019 list

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  8. Juice

    How did bodybuilding change your life?

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