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Macros and Calories while on Gear


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I just helped a brother lose some excess fat or at least showed him what has worked for me in the past, but what about calories while on Gear. I mean i've only had one cycle, and I cut down. i went to 7% ish within 6 weeks, so obviously i wasn't eating enough because the goal was 3 months. That's history. Now, I want to get HUGE! I'm 39, and I'm taking sus, deca, and dbol for 4 months. the last guy who had a coach recomeded all this shit that i couldn't stomach like pop tarts and pineapple juice. I can't do dairy. basically, my plan is get to 180-190 in protein and 2500 in calories with good shit, then eat whatever the fuck looks good like chipoltle, junk, anything with meat and carbs in it getting to about 4000. should i go to 5800? that's what was recommended before. I am considering over 40 competitions a couple years down the road. right now i only way like 165 sucks, but i have a decent frame
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