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May 16, 2017
UPDATED JULY 19th 2018

As many already know we have been around a very long time. The past few years we have been private but we are going to go public for some of you who haven't had a chance to try our items. We are not some bathtub brew shop where our lab is set up in a basement of our parents house with potato chips laying around. We have access to universities and pharmacies to ensure the highest quality gear you will ever use. If you have a hard time choosing and want help with a cycle feel free to email us as we are very knowledgeable on this and have been in the game over 10 years. Do not post any personal information in this forum. If you have a ? you may think cross the limits then PM me. If you email us and feel something seems shady always PM me here b/c there are hackers out these days. We typically respond to email/pm every 24-36hrs. Payment method can vary by timing and order size and is to only be discussed in email but rest assured you will never have to pay more than $10 for payment. Also check daily here b/c we frequently sell out of items quick but update the list right away. If you have already been in contact with us continue to contact us the way you have been.

New customers can email us at
Include in email what forum you are on and your forum name. Or how you heard of us. If you dont get a response within 48hrs PM me here.


Don't post here about payment options

Min order $200. Shipping $10

ALL "12"ml vials

12ml TestE250(dosed to 300mg/ml) $45

12ml TestCyp250(dosed to 300mg/ml) $45

12ml Sust300 $50

12ml TestProp $30

12ml Deca300 $50

12ml NPP100 $40

12ml Eq300 $50

12ml TrenAce100 $50

12ml TrenE200 $65

12ml MastProp100 $50

12ml MastE200 $60

12ml PrimoE100 $75

12ml Triblend 300MG/ML (100mg TPP, 100mg TREN ACE, 100mg MAST) $110

Caps come in bottles and are 100ct.

Anadrol 25mg $60

Dbol 25mg $60

Winny 25mg $60

Anavar 10mg $55

Anavar 25mg $100

Turnibol 25mg $65

Proviron 25mg $65

Cialis 30mg $70

Nolvadex 20mg $60

Clomid 50mg $70

Adex 1mg $50

Aromasin 12.5mg $60

50ct caps

halo 10mg $90

Ovidac HCG 5000iu $60(vial only no water) Use bacteriostatic water only

Pfizer Cabergoline 20tabs 1mg $110

Tiromel T3 100ct 25mcg tabs $75

HGH is the infamous Mitotropin 150iu kits. $320/each.

Also 12ml TNE100 $35



Also our Peptide/Sarms/Research Chem list is still good to go now:

Peptide list:

shipping $10

T/a 5-7'ish business days

min order $100 but can depend on what you need so just ask

We now carry peptides,sarms and research items. Our prices are a littlehigher

than some but again its just like our gear, you get what you pay for. Below


the list: T/a is approx 7-10 business days and shipping is $10 Min order $100

Liquid Research Chems:

Clenbuterol 200 mcg x 30ml $50

T3 (liothyronine) 100 mcg per ml x 30ml $45

Tamoxifen Citrate 20mg per ml x 30ml $45

Letrozole 2.5mg per ml x 30ml $55

Exemestane 25mg per ml x 30ml $55

Anastrozole 1mg per ml x 30ml $50

Clomiphene 40mg per ml x 30ml $45

CJC 1293, 5mg vial (>98% purity) - $45.00

CJC-1295 without DAC, 2mg vials (>98% purity) - $30.00

CJC 1295 with DAC, 2mg vial (>98% purity) - $40.00

GRF 1-44, 5mg vials (>98% purity) - $50.00

(tetrasubstitued) Modified GRF 1-29, 2mg vial (>95% purity) - $30.00

Sermorelin, 2mg vial (>98% purity) - $30.00

Tesamorelin, 2mg vials (>98% purity) - $30.00

GHRP – 2, 5mg vial (>98% purity) - $25.00

GHRP – 6, 5mg vial (>98% purity) - $25.00

Hexarelin, 2mg vial (>98% purity) - $30.00

Ipamorelin, 2mg vial (>98% purity) - $30.00

Mechano Growth Factors

MGF (IGF-1Ec), 2mg vial (>98% purity) -$30.00

PEG MGF, 2mg vial (>98% purity) - $35.00

Insulin-Like Growth Factor Peptides

IGF-1 Lr3 – 1mg vials (>98% purity) - $70.00

IGF-1 DES - 1mg vial (>98% purity) - $70.00

Melanotropin Peptides

MT-1, 10mg vial (>98% purity) - $30.00

MT-II, 10mg vial (>98% purity) - $35.00

PT 141 - 10mg (>98% purity) - $35.00

Anti-aging/Cosmetic Peptides

Argireline acetate, 10mg vials (>98% purity) - $40.00

Epithalon, 10mg vials, (>98% purity) - $35.00

Lipopeptide, 10mg vials (>98% purity) - $35.00

Matrixyl, 10mg vials (>98% purity) - $35.00

PAL-GHK, 10mg vials (>98% purity) - $30.00

SNAP 8, 10mg vials (>98% purity) - $30.00

rhEGF, 50mcg vials - $40.00

Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-3, 10mg vials (>98% purity) - $30.00

Miscellaneous Peptides

ACTH 1-39, 5mg, (>98% purity) - $50.00

AOD9604, 2mg vials, (>98% purity) - $40.00

BPC 157, 5mg vials, (>98% purity) - $35.00

DSIP (Delta Sleep Inducing Peptide) (>98% purity) - $30.00

HGH FRAG 176-191, 2mg vial (>98% purity) - $30.00

GnRH Triptorelin, 100mcg vial (>98% purity) - $30.00

Oxytocin, 5mg vials, (>98% purity) - $30.00

Selank 10mg vials, (>98% purity) - $40.00

A4 Amyloid beta 0.5mg, (>98% purity) - $50.00


YK-11, 1g raw powder - $140.00

Liquid YK-11, 30ml, 20mg/ml = $95.00

RAD-140, 1g raw powder - $95.00

Liquid RAD-140, 30ml, 20mg/ml = $70.00

MK-677, 1g raw powder - $95.00

Liquid MK-677 30ml/25mg/ml - $85.00

Ostarine, 1g raw powder - $75.00

Liquid Ostarine, 30ml, 25ml/mg - $70.00

GW-1516, 1g raw powder - $65.00

Liquid GW-1516, 30ml, 20mg/ml = $55.00

LGD-4033, 1g raw powder - $95.00

Liquid LGD-4033, 30ml, 20mg/ml = $70.00

S4 Andarine, 1g raw powder - $65.00

SR-9009 Stenabolic, 1g raw powder - $95.00

Liquid SR-9009 Stenabolic, 30ml, 20mg/ml = $70.00



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May 16, 2017
Line2 has its new GH and IGF in.

Gh is called Mitotropin. Specially made in Canada for us. 15iu per vial labeled 15iu. Vials are nice and fancy labeled. Boxes are just plain white. Gh is 98.5% purity. This is the strongest Gh we have ever carried. Price is $330/kit which is great considering its 150iu per kit.

Also new high purity IGF-LR3 from Europe. Each vial is only 200mcg but its extremely strong. You only need about 1/2 as much as most IGF b/c its so potent. $50/vial or 5 for $200

Prices/products are on main list as well on Line2. Thanks
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